Latest Guild News

The Guild By-Laws have been passed and are now in effect. They can be found by following the link on the top of this page.

We are still in need of photos for the logo, please forward picture of your best/favorite armor to Jon (Suriku Yang). (Guild Members Only)

The web site is still in development but, this will more than likely be a never ending project of mine. If you have anything you would like to see changed or anything to contribute to the site please send them to my E-mail. I will be adding a contacts page with all of the officers Guild E-mail addresses to the site here shortly.

To Do's:
1. Build a Complete Flash Map set of the Game Maps with areas listing NPC's and common and rare drops of Materials in that area.
2. Build a set of Bio Pages for the officers of the Guild. The elite members bios pages are put on hold for now as, you can make a bio in the forums.
3. Build a Contacts page with the E-mail addresses of the officers.
4. Design a page with a description of our guild and how it was formed. Basically an about us.

Any problems should be directed to Humfrid Kyrran in game or by E-mail.

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